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Company Profile | Company Message

Having introduced the first copier and facsimiles in Korea, Sindoh aims to become the best 2D & 3D output solutions partner in the global market.

Sindoh has grown through human-centered corporate culture that follows the founding spirit based on love of country, work, and humans, customer-oriented technology as the core competency, and partnership with experts based on trust.

The information environment on the digital network requires open innovation through intelligence, smartness and data, and 3D printing has emerged as the core technology to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sindoh intends to enhance its future competitiveness by building an office system centered on digital multi-function printers and printers and expanding the business domain to output services such as 3D printing and 3D modelling with the unified efforts of R&D, production, sales and service.

Sindoh will become the best partner for its global customers by supplying the best products based on the working principle of Global Mind, Global QCD and Global Market.

Thank you.

Woo Suk-Hyung
Chairman and CEO

Company Profile | Company History


Production of Korea's 1st Printer


Established Research & Development Center


Company goes public on the Korean Stock Exchange


Global Brand SINDOH (new corporate identity) Announcement


Launched 3D printers in global market


- Launched Sindoh Europ


1st ranked in Korean Brand Power Index (3D Printer)


- Launched Sindoh Malaysia

- Established factory in Hanoi, Vietnam


Completed construction of product plant of Qingdao, China


Completed construction of Asian Factory


Completed construction of headquaters in Seongsu-dong, Seoul


Corporate Establishment

Company Profile | Vision & Mission


Love for Country or Community, Love for Work, Love for People.

Sindoh’s philosophy derives from its founder, Woo Sang-ki, and from broader concepts in traditional Korean philosophy. Woo Sang-ki declared:

“A company must be managed well to create new jobs, faithfully fulfil its tax obligations, and create a comfortable working environment to gain the pride of its employees.”

He established the ‘Samae Spirit’ (literally ‘three-love’ spirit) at the core of the corporation’s culture, emphasizing trust in oneself, pride in the company, and consideration for any community in which the company operates.

This corporate philosophy makes Sindoh an extremely human organization, with people-centred policies and a cultured, generous approach to the wider world. Sindoh’s commitment to philanthropy and the environment demonstrate these values most clearly.

Management Philosophy

lobal Mind, Global QCD, Global Market

Sindoh aims depicts the strong will of Sindoh for continuous growth with the management principle,

“Global Mind, Global QCD, Global Market”.

The slogan depicts the strong will of Sindoh for continuous growth in the age of sluggish development through perpetual change and innovation; broadening the expansion into the global market while keeping the No. 1 position in the domestic market, and establishing profit by securing product competitiveness through innovation and progressive QCD frame.

The slogan “Global Mind” is to enhance Corporate Competitiveness. “Global QCD” means ensuring the cost and quality competitiveness, “Global Market” represents our volition of strengthening market competitiveness, and based on this innovative management principle, Sindoh will go beyond the best position in domestic market to become an influential “Global Company”.

Company Profile | Company Overview

Sindoh is Korea’s first ever Office Automation professional company established in 1960. Since the introduction of office products through producing first ever, Sindoh managed to build and produce the Korea’s first copier, fax and digital MFP. In 2000s, we have expanded its scope of office solution, 3D printer and office solutions.

We established research & development center in 1982, and completed construction of Asan factory to prepare the growth of company. In 2003, we also completed construction of production plant of Qingdao Factory, China and has successfully established branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Qingdao from 2010. Additionally, we launched “Sindoh Amarica” in US to expand global market. In 2015, completed construction of production plant in Hanoi, Vietnam and established sales branch in 2016 and look forward to expand ASEAN market as well.

Company Profile | Environment

GreenWave / Clean & Friendly

Beginning in 2002, Sindoh has been running ‘Clean & Friendly’, an environmental education program for employees that aims to engage the local community and improve the surrounding environment.

In 2004, SIndoh announced GreenWave, its Green Management Branch. GreenWave is founded on the principle that environmental management is not a choice but an obligation. Comprising a key part of Sindoh’s strategy for global competitiveness, it is far more than a passive environmental protection effort.


Management at development / production stage

Through an environmental assurance system named ‘SAEM’. Sindoh comlies with domestic and global harmful substance regulation. Since 2008, cpnsumables are also managed within the framework of harmful substance regulation, making all our products today completely environment-friendly.

Management at sale stage

Sindoh acquires energy-saving and other environmental marks for its products from both Korea and overseas markets.

Management at disposal / recycling stage

To process the waste from photocopiers, printers, facsimilies and EPS (Styrofoam), it is collected and recycled, in keeping with EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility). The Sindoh Return Program was first adopted in 2000 to recycle waste toner cartidges.



iF Product Design Award

The iF Product Design Award was introduced in 1954 and is annually conferred by the iF International Forum Design. The award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 5,500 entries from around 59 nations every year.


The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. There are prize categories for product design, design agencies, and design concepts.


Buyers Lab (BLI)

Buyers Lab (BLI) is the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools.

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Sindoh is a South Korean company that makes multi-function printers,

fax machines, and 3D printers.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

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